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The New Republic

Sith Uprising

The New Republic History

The History of the New Republic is a short one, although it as its roots in the 25,000 year history of the Republic. After the Emperor declared the dissolution of the Republic and the creation of the Empire, a number of Senators from the dissolved Republic Senate who had opposed this came to the conclusion that the time for peaceful and political protest was over. These senators formed the Alliance for the Reformation of the Republic, more commonly known as the Rebel Alliance. The Alliance battled the Empire for a number of years, and although they were widely supported few planets dared publicly to support the Rebellion. Despite this they managed to win a couple of important battles, the most famous one being the battle of Yavin where they destroyed the Imperial battle station the Death Star.

Shortly afterwards they were tricked into making their attack on the second Death Star around the forest moon of Endor. But from a trap they managed to turn this into a massive victory not only destroying the Death Star, but killing Emperor Palpatine as well. It was the first step towards legitimacy for the Rebellion, within a few days the Rebellion and the governments that dared to support it (Chadrilla, Kashyyyk, Calimari and Sullust being the main ones) declared themselves the Alliance of Free Worlds. This allowed them to speak to other governments, and about 6 months after their victory at the battle of Endor they founded the New Republic.

With legitimate support and bolstered forces, the New Republic began forcing the Empire further and further back, but as more planets were liberated from the Empire, the Republic had devote more of its attention to aid and support for the planets liberated. So the progress slowed until the Republic stabilised controlling two thirds of the Empires former size four years after the defeat of the Emperor at Endor.

It was then that an ancient enemy of the Republic stuck, the Sith, although individual Sith had caused trouble for the Republic over the Millennia, the Sith Empire itself had been hiding from the Republic for almost five thousand years. The Sith attacked using a massive starship called the Scythe, capable of destroying entire planets. They attacked first at Teta IV in the Princess Teta system, then later attacked and destroyed Coruscant the capital of the Republic, killing billions of people. The Republic succeeded in destroying the Scythe, but this only made matters worse as it forced the Sith into an alliance with the remnants of the Empire, but roughly around this time fortune smiled on the Republic. The Mandalorian Empire having been at war with the Sith for almost 50 years, and although they had a long history of fighting the Republic, a fortunate occasion when some agents of the Republic saved the Mandalorian Emperor healed a lot of the tension between the two sides. So facing the same enemy the two sides forged an alliance to defeat the Sith and their Imperial lackeys.

Current Situation

The New Republic is fighting for its life, with many of its higher ranks decimated when Coruscant was destroyed the Republic is suffering at the well-organised hands of the Greater Sith Empire. The Republic intends only to survive and to protect its member planets, to this end it is willing to forgive thousands of years of trouble between itself and the Mandalorian Empire, with which it is attempting to cement a lasting relationship.

Long term the Republic would like to see that the world currently under enslavement from the Sith and the Galactic Empires are freed.

The Galactic Empire`s History

The Empire's roots are within the history of the Old Republic, the Republic was formed and lasted for over 20,000 years, but corruption and decay developed as it aged. In its later years a Senator from the backwater planet of Naboo took advantage of the corruption to manipulate himself into power, he arranged a situation using both his political skills plus the Dark Side powers he had learnt. This situation would cause both sympathy for himself and a lot negative feeling towards the current leader of the Galactic Senate, Chancellor Valorum. This plan was completely successful, leading to Palpatines election as Chancellor.

Once in power Palpatine organised the military of the Republic into a more powerful fighting force, arranging the funding through the senate by citing piracy and threats from the Republics enemies such as the Mandalore. He also arranged for the destruction of the Jedi order, the Republics protectors since near its inception, using his latest Sith apprentice Darth Vader. Once his grip on power was unshakeable he disbanded the senate and declared himself Emperor, and the Republic was swept away becoming the Galactic Empire.

The Empire and its New Order maintained a grasp on almost every walk of life throughout known space, operating through both terror and subterfuge, entire worlds were enslaved such as Kashyyyk, the slave labour created through these racist and xenophobic policies being used to create ever larger weapons of war. One of the largest of these weapons was the Death Star, a moon sized battle station capable of destroying entire worlds, and the Death Star was only used twice before it was destroyed by the growing Rebellion.

The Emperor himself was killed aboard the second Death Star by his own apprentice, which was also destroyed by the Rebellion, leading to the decline of the Empire. After the Emperors death during the Battle of Endor, the Empire's morale collapsed and it found itself being forced away from many of the worlds that it had held. Many of the commanding officers who had once competed for the emperors favour, now just competed with each other causing the Empire to fragment, a process which only helped speed its collapse.

Four years after the Battle of Endor the Empire's decline had slowed, and the remnants of the Empire only controlled an area roughly equivalent to a third of the size that it had once been. It was at this time that the Sith Empire began their war against the New Republic, here the Empire found an ally, their policies and ideology were similar as were their goals, so soon the two found themselves forming a mighty alliance.

The Sith Empire's History

The Sith were once guardians of the galaxy, warriors who fought alongside the Jedi during the years following the formation of the Republic. They fought side by side for many millennia, until a schism split the two leading to a war between them, the origins of this war are unknown and the Jedi keep no record of the reasons for it. The Sith however do record the history and keep its memory fresh in each new generation, although it is undoubtedly coloured by their own point of view and the telling of it over the intervening millennia will have twisted the truth in it as well.

The Sith tell that they were allies of the Jedi from nearly the birth of both orders, but after thousands of years working side by side the Jedi became jealous of the power and skill that the Sith Warriors had gathered over the centuries, and launched a war of annihilation against the unprepared Sith. The Sith unready for a war against their former allies died in their thousands, the Jedi mercilessly hunted them down and slaughtered them and their defenceless families, until eventually only a few thousand Sith remained. The last few Sith decided to retreat from the Republic, to save both their order and their families from the masses of Jedi murderers that had hunted them down. They loaded their families onto a massive starship, they left a few brave warriors behind to give them the time to escape, the warriors themselves destined to die valiantly battling their now hated enemy.

The Sith starship made a blind hyperspace jump, relying on the will of the force to save their lives and carry them to somewhere that they could survive safely, and it emerged above the world of Korriban. This world they found was inhabited by the Massassi, who made the Sith Refugees welcome, their rulers were powerful sorcerers, who used the dark side of the force to create many spectacular magic's that benefited the entire Massassi people, had much in common with the Sith. So the Sith traded their own knowledge of the force for the Massassi sorcery, embracing the Dark Side of the Force knowing that if they ever faced the enemy that had almost wiped them out they would need every bit of power they could wield.

What is known for certain is that over the millennia that followed the Massassi and Sith peoples interbred, and became co-dependant, eventually emerging as a single species. Although they all resembled the Massassi, the force users of their society remained separate and took the name of the Sith as their own and remained the leaders and rulers of Massassi society, everyone else no matter the level of their birth remained the Massassi people. Although they remembered the Republic and the slaughter they had fled, the Sith had no way of returning as they had no hyperspace charts or jump co-ordinates for their new home. However this state of affairs ended when a Starship emerged from hyperspace around Korriban, this ship was owned and operated by two hyperspace astrogators who made their living searching for shorter routes between systems.

The leaders of Sith society were known as the Dark Lords of the Sith, and one of these, Naga Sadow took advantage of the information in the Navcomputer of this starship to rally the Sith into attacking the Republic and getting their revenge, he achieved this by treachery and murder but was successful in raising a massive attack force. The Sith attack force emerged at the Princess Teta system, which had just joined the Republic, the Republic and the Jedi fought back against this attack, and managed to force off the Sith attack. So Naga Sadow`s fleet returned to Korriban where they found themselves under attack as Sadow`s rule had been overthrown, and his treachery revealed to the other Dark Lords. So the remnants of his fleet were force to retreat into hyperspace once more and they were never seen by the Sith again.

Fearing reprisal attacks from the Jedi, the Sith forced themselves into retreat once more (unknown to the Sith, the hyperspace co-ordinates for Korriban were never recovered by the Jedi). They packed their entire civilisation onto huge starships and set off for deep space, leaving Korriban a dying world from the dark side energies that were concentrated on it. They fled almost a quarter of the galaxy away before finding a world that seemed to be suitable, unfortunately it was already inhabited but these inhabitants were wiped out by the superior fighting abilities of the Sith.

This world they named Korras, and it became home to the majority of the Sith and Massassi peoples, they remainder of their population settled on other habitable worlds and moons in the Korras system. Over the following thousands of years the Sith rejuvenated by their fresh new world expanded into the neighbouring star systems, conquering a large number of species, enslaving the populations and adding them to the Sith Empire. Until eventually some five thousand years after they relocated from Korriban their expanding empire came into contact with the Mandalorian Empire. The two empires both competing for the same systems launched themselves into a war which rapidly became a stalemate, the Mandalorians had the advantage of technology, but the Sith had the advantage of numbers. So while each Mandalorian soldier was worth 50 Massassi, the Sith could easily spare that many Massassi warriors. The main reason for this was the low rate that Sith technology had advanced at, although the Republic, The Empire and the Mandalorians had improved technologies over the intervening millennia, the Sith had not. The Sith themselves tended to concentrate on mastering the force, and the Massassi weren't bred for innovation, this led to the Sith using technology that was little more advanced than that when they departed the Republic. This reduced the Sith to using weapons that were difficult to maintain and did poor damage, to using hyperdrives that were slower than even the cheapest produced in the New Republic, but this was reduced in significance by the sheer numbers that the Sith could field in battle.

This stalemate remained for almost fifty years before the Sith discovered that the Republic was on the other side of Mandalorian space, they also discovered that the Jedi had almost been totally exterminated by the Emperor and Darth Vader. They had also created a superweapon, The Scythe, a battlecruiser mounted with a mass driver capable of turning entire planets into rubble. While the Scythe and its protecting fleet of battlecruisers would be easy targets if they jumped into the heavily protected systems of Mandalorian space, they would be able to prey upon the planets of the Republic with impunity. The Republics worlds relied upon defence fields instead of massive fleets of ships, defence satellites and fighters, so as long as the shields were down the Scythe would be able to destroy Republic worlds. So Sith saboteurs were dispatched against Coruscant their first target, and found allies within the deposed Imperials still surviving in the heart of the New Republic.

As they prepared to launch their attack on Coruscant they discovered that the Mandalorians had annexed the Princess Teta system from the Republic in an attempt to discover the droid technology that the Krath had used some four thousand years before to kill a large number of Jedi. The Sith feared that the Krath Wardroids could be used against them and would be difficult to detect through the force. So they launched their attack on the Princess Teta system first, before continuing onto the Coruscant system. Teta IV and Coruscant were both destroyed before the republic turned the Sith plan back on them, sabotaging the Scythes shields before launching an attack on it and destroying the Scythe.

Since both the remnants of the Galactic Empire and the Sith Empire both had similar goals, in the destruction of the New Republic, and the Galactic Empire was still reeling without leadership the Sith found it easy to arrange an alliance between the two sides. This alliance of course put the Sith in charge of Imperial forces, and was the foundation of the Greater Sith Empire.

Current Situation

The Empire is now one of the two main members of the Greater Sith Empire, the Sith provide massive amounts of slave labour while the Galactic Empire provides the technological know-how. The Sith also are not afraid of force users, where the Emperor hunted down and killed those who showed potential in the force, the Sith train and foster the abilities, although keep in sight that they are only tools to be used.

The two sides are finding themselves well matched, and the Sith have united the factions within the Empire in a way no imperial officer could have, while the Sith and being provided with ships, weapons and the knowledge and tactics to use them by the well-trained and organised Empire.

When they entered their alliance, the Empire was only fighting the Republic, and the Sith were fighting both the Republic and the Mandalore. But this makes little difference because of the Republic/Mandalore alliance, although both are aware that they could not stand against the Republic/Mandalore alliance alone and require their partners to survive.

The short term goals of the Greater Sith Empire, is the final destruction of the Jedi order, they also see the mastery of the Mandalorian technologies as an important target, but ultimately plan the destruction of the Republic and the absorption of all sentient species as subjects of their empire.

The Mandalorian Empire History

The Mandalorian Empire's history begins with the Old Republic; the Republic was expanding as colonists left the core worlds settling new worlds. Many new colonies were being set up successfully, and the routine was becoming perfected with planets such as Corellia, Alderaan and Chandrilla being founded around this time. The Starship Mandalore set off for a new system filled with ten thousand colonists, but a malfunction in their hyperdrive unit forced a massive mis-jump carrying the ship a large distance across the galaxy. Emerging from hyperspace they found themselves in a star system with a single habitable planet, landing on this world their drive systems failed completely causing the ship to plummet onto the surface killing almost 50% of the people aboard.

The time following the crash was difficult for the survivors, while the planet was habitable it was not a comfortable world to live on. They had crashed in a large desert so the survivors split into three groups, the first decided to remain with the wreck of the Mandalore, the second headed west towards a set of mountains, and the third headed a great distance to the south towards an ocean. These groups were the beginning of the Mandalorian clan structure that still exists, the largest group that had headed for the mountains became the mining clan Ar`Klim, the religious clan D`ael`mor. Those that headed for the sea became the hunter clan Krei`ger and the warrior clan Par`tay`on. Those that remained with the ship became the warrior clan S`badai, the engineer clan Du`trachek and the clan of the emperors K`yltek. Because the S`badai, Du`trachek and the K`yltek clans remained with the wreckage of the Mandalore they gained a control over the other clans, using the ships wreckage to maintain and build technology. As the population grew and the planet became more heavily populated the K`yltek clan used this to form the Mandalorian Empire, passing from their more ancient tasks of trading and negotiating to the task of rulership a hold that still is maintained now.

After a thousand years on their new homeworld the five thousand original surviving colonists had grow to 5 million, but the small gene pool that they were all descended from caused the traits of the original five thousand to become magnified. Firstly the harsh conditions, and the feeling the republic had abandoned them became the foundations of a violent temperament that exists throughout the Mandalore. To counter this their civilisation became very honour driven formalising combat and battle to a point where it no longer endangers their entire civilisation. The fact that none of the colonists were force users or even force sensitive has become magnified into a strong resistance to the manipulations of the force.

Also around this period they were contacted by the Juannar, the first contact did not go easily and the Mandalore resisted their first urges to destroy these visitors. They accepted that the Juannar were not hostile, and even though it took the Juannar fifteen years to learn how to communicate with the Mandalore, peaceful contact was eventually established. The Juannar lived on one of the gas giants within the Mandalore system, and were an advanced technological species although very poorly adapted to living in environments that differed to their own, requiring protective suits to survive the atmosphere of the Mandalore homeworld. The two species found that they complemented each other very well, the Juannar could create technologies that the Mandalore couldn't even comprehend the principles behind, where the Mandalore were a tough and robust species capable of operating in environments that the Juannar could not.

With the help of the Juannar the Mandalore prospered over the next two millennia, their population climbing into the billions, as they constructed massive cities and space stations throughout the Mandalore system. Then the Vuana arrived, a war like species they had conquered themselves a moderate sized empire of twenty or so systems, and had enslaved four species. They attacked the Mandalorian system and although the Juannar and Mandalore managed to fight them off, their system was in ruins, many cities had been bombed into oblivion, and none of the settlements they had constructed still existed. As they rebuilt they also prepared for war, if one attack could happen they reasoned they others could. So for the next three thousand years they rebuilt and armed, expanding beyond their system for the first time they came into conflict with the Vuana and finally destroyed the last Vuana and the species that had aided them in their attack on the Mandalore. This set the Mandalorian psyche for generations to come, to protect themselves they would have to be more powerful than anyone else. So they began to expand carving out colonies in star systems around their home, and expanding outwards so they would never have to suffer an attack like the one they had from the Vuana.

For almost two thousand years this continued, the Mandalorian Empire expanding until it contained over fifty star systems, then their expanding border met with that of the Republic. The Mandalore incensed over their abandonment by the Republic began to wage war on their former homelands, a condition that continued for thousands of years, however compared to the countless systems that made up the Republic the Mandalore were small indeed. The only time over the following millennia that the Mandalore even slowed their attacks and wars with the Republic was to battle an ecological menace when a meteorite caused serious damage to the Juannar homeworld, which took all of the Mandalorian Empires resources to combat.

Recently the Mandalore were forced to turn their attentions away from the Republic as they faced a new enemy on their other border, The Sith. The Sith Empire's borders were also expanding, and when the two empires found they were competing for the same star systems then a war began. This has continued for fifty years, for although the Mandalore have a far superior technology to the Sith, they have no force users and they number far less than the Sith and their subject races. This situation led to the Mandalore seeking alliances for the first time in their long history, the perfect alliance seemed to be with the remnants of the Galactic Empire. Like the Mandalore this was a military empire that held was an enemy of the newly reborn Republic, but the Mandalore found the Empire to be treacherous and lacking in honour. When they discovered that the Galactic Empire was having discussions with the Sith, it was the final straw for the Mandalore, they had always found the Republic to be an honourable enemy, and they now faced the same enemies, so the Mandalorians began to seek conciliation with the Republic. At first this was tentative, with an agreement to exchange information on the Sith being as far as the Mandalore were willing to go. But when the Republic ambassadors intervened in an attempt on the Mandalorian Emperors life, an alliance to defeat the Sith was formed, which has at least managed to survive its first year.

Current Situation

The Mandalore are actively working to maintain their alliance with the Republic, as they have been impressed with the honour and bravery of the Republic officers and men they have worked with. They are attempting to wipe out the Sith completely, and could be interested in making their arrangement with the New Republic a permanent situation, although they have no intention of joining the Republic as this would threaten their independence. The Juannar are still interested in maintaining their friendship and mutual aid agreements that they have with the Mandalore, although they have little interest in the Republic beyond its help in protecting the Mandalorians and Juannar.

Elements of the Mandalorian Empire respect the power and strength of the Greater Sith Empire, and would like to ally with them instead of the Republic, keeping the hostilities going as they have for countless millennia. However this is a point of view that disgusts most of the military, and is totally contrary to the Emperors wishes so these factions remain quiet.

As the war against the Sith drags on, the Mandalore feel that it may be necessary to begin sharing some of their technological breakthroughs with the Republic, and as the alliance lasts longer the trust necessary to do this stands a better chance of existing. However the independence of the Mandalorian people would mean that they would object to a complete hand over of all technology and specifications, so this exchange of technology would likely be a slow process.

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